Certificate in Electrical Epilation (Electrolysis)

Certificate in Electrical Epilation (Electrolysis)

This qualification qualifies the student as an electrologist as well as a specialist in skin therapy and hair removal as advanced treatment for the beauty industry.  Our School can qualify students to an industry-recognised international level.  This Diploma, together with the  Aesthetics  Diploma will allow the therapist to practise electrical epilation as well as laser and skin rejuvenation.  It is highly recommended to study this subject simultaneously with Aesthetics as there are many common subjects which can be dealt with in the same year.  Electrolysis is also important to achieve as it a basis for IPL or LASER but also because it can be used as an alternative to IPL and Laser when the these two methods cannot be implemented.


The Electrical Epilation (Electrolysis) Diploma is approved by the Confederation of  International Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology (CIBTAC).


Students attending this qualification will cover:


  • Electrology theory
  • Electricity
  • Effects of current on the body
  • Laser and light treatments for hair removal
  • Laser and light treatments for skin rejuvenation
  • Treatment scheme


  • Short wave diathermy
  • Blend
  • IPL
  • Laser


School hours:

Monday 9.15 – 12.30

Course starts in the 25th September


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